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Run our Asana Scan and secure a higher ROI

The scan will give you insight into the areas of improvement and the possibilities to use Asana for your company. You can optimize your business processes using Asana, resulting in a vast efficiency gain and a higher ROI.

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Because of our years of experience, we have been appointed by Asana as the partner of choice for the Netherlands

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Here's what we'll do

During the scan, we analyze your Asana environment and usage. We will do this in 4 steps.
  1. Preparation We walk you through your Asana environment and discuss your company's goals. During the scan, we examine how Asana can be optimally structured to achieve your goals.
  2. The scan We analyze the Asana structure, usage, installed and missing functionalities, users, and integrations in Asana. This allows you to structure your environment and support your organization's growth.
  3. Presentation We will schedule a meeting to go over the results together with you. During this meeting, we discuss the current setup. Next, we show you the possibilities of your Asana environment through a comprehensive presentation. Through examples and specific applications, you will instantly recognize the potential.
  4. Building an optimal environment You can work out the recommendations yourself, use (periodic) training from one of our consultants or let us optimize your Asana environment for you.

"After a comprehensive Asana Scan, we saw where Asana's potential lay for our organisation. With 15 concrete recommendations from Bluehive, we started working with Bluehive to implement it across all our teams, including the marketing team and the management team. 

From addressing recurring processes and product launches to implementing our business objectives, everything passed the review. This resulted in capturing and managing 55% more tasks and 171% more core activities in the system. As a result of these automations, Startselect saves 50 full days per year."

Ron Kraan, ex-CEO, Startselect

After the scan you'll discover

Customers like Startselect, Bob W, Adapta, and Breman Installation Group preceded you. They discovered: 

  • More impact in less time
  • Higher return on investment by getting the full potential from the software
  • Better collaboration in Asana (and external tools)
  • Greater insight into Asana's capacities
  • Improved structuring of teams


These are the results after the scan

  • Total average annual time saved: 111,75 days
  • Increase in total time saved +107,875%
  • Customized fields +79,6%
  • Created tasks +187,8%
  • Created projects +202,9%
  • Total actions +65%
  • Rules +50% 
  • Comments +60,6%

What our customers have to say

Ron Kraan

50 days per year saved!

For us, the Asana implementation resulted in 55% more tasks and 171% more core activities being captured and manageable in the system. Startselect manages to save 50 days per year through these automations.

Structure and peace

Huge amounts of enthusiasm, structure and peace of mind. That's what the Asana implementation ensures at ICT NML.
Sebastiaan Bake

Integrating anything with Asana

Previously, we were manually copying data from 2Solar to Asana for each approved customer proposal. Bluehive developed a custom API connection for us, eliminating this repetitive task and saving us an hour every day, allowing us to focus on more valuable activities.
Arjan Jonker Linkedin

Why we chose Asana

We chose Asana for different reasons. The biggest reason being the versatility of the tool and the adoption of the tool with our biggest customers like Philips, Rituals and MIele. These customers are used to work with it and with strong project management software.

The Power of Asana at Leapforce

A well-functioning Asana environment brings unprecedented structure and regularity to a company. At Leapforce, Asana is the beating heart of the organisation. This gives us peace of mind and insight, makes us efficient and creates a clear advantage over competitors.

Would you like to get more out of Asana?

"Asana can help your business on all fronts to be more streamlined, faster, error-free, and efficient. We often find that users can get much more out of their work environment, making more impact in less time. Gain more insight into the structure, automation capabilities, and different use cases will help you get more out of the same package. This is what we offer with the Asana scan.”

Ruud van Delft, Managing Director & Co-Owner

Plan your free consultation

A 30-minute consultation with our specialist

Choose your preferred date and time. Your colleagues are welcome to join as well.

Plan your free consultation

A 30-minute consultation with our specialist

Choose your preferred date and time. Your colleagues are welcome to join as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will my team spend on the Asana Scan?

The Asana Scan will take your team 4 to 6 hours. We will handle the rest.

How much does the Asana Scan cost?

Per team (for example, your marketing team), the scan costs €2,500. A custom price is optional for multiple teams. Our data shows that after the scan, an organization, on average, can have:

  • 188% more tasks created
  • Created 203% more projects
  • Save more than 111 working days per year

How many recommendations could I expect from the Asana Scan?

On average, our experts come up with 10 to 15 solid recommendations, including an indication of the work effort and impact of those recommendations.

My team has only just started using Asana. Is a scan already worth the effort?

Yes! You definitely want to have a solid foundation of what you are building for your future growth. Teams who started using Asana less than three months ago are eligible for our Asana starter discount. Check with your customer support contact for terms and conditions.

Do I have to implement the recommendations myself?

The choice is yours! The beauty of the Asana Scan is that you get instant insight into the high/medium or low impact of the recommendations we put forward, and the same goes for the effort it takes to implement them. You can opt to tackle the low-impact and low-effort recommendations yourself and address the high-impact and high-effort recommendations together with Bluehive.

What will it cost to implement the recommendations?

This varies by situation and organization. After the Asana Scan, you will receive a tailor-made offer to implement the recommendations. You will receive €1,000 back of the Asana Scan when you decide to have at least seven recommendations implemented by Bluehive.

How many of my team members need to free up time?

We need at least two of your team members to create a successful team. One participant who can address organizational goals and lead the team, and one who is involved in operations and is already an avid Asana user.

How long does it take to receive the recommendations?

On average 2 to 4 weeks. This depends on a number of variables, such as:

  • Availability of customer employees
  • The number of projects, teams, portfolios, goals and automations to analyze
  • Availability of customer employees
  • The number of projects, teams, portfolios, goals and automations to analyze