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Would you like to improve the task coordination in your organization?

Our team assesses opportunities and challenges within your organization. The outcome is tailored advice to enhance organizational efficiency and optimize workload management.

Do you want insight into your organization?

What sounds familiar within your organization?

Did you know that office workers spend over 60% (!) of each workday organizing their work? This is often due to:

  • Mailboxes full of requests, actions, email chains, and project updates
  • Lack of clarity about who does what and when
  • Stress due to lack of overview of tasks and responsibilities
  • Lots of talk about work, but little action
  • Hardly any insight into the status of processes and projects
  • Work is spread over many different applications
  • Teams operate from islands, resulting in limited cross-functional collaboration and hindered interaction
  • Tasks fall through the cracks or are overlooked

Special introduction price

Until March 31, 2023, we are offering the Asana Scan at a special introductory price: €2,000 (instead of €2,500).


Gain insight into your organization

Bluehive assists companies in organizing and coordinating work in Asana. Asana is a Work Management tool designed to give teams and organizations better insight into schedules, processes, and responsibilities. As a result, all team members manage to get more done with less stress and in less time. 

  • Seamless transition between working from home or the office
  • Clarity as to who does what and when
  • Improve operational processes and save time
  • Easier collaboration within and across teams
  • Centralize and streamline work in one application
  • Keeping track of all tasks, easily delegate and transfer them
  • Automate recurring tasks

How to gain insight into your organization?

We will work together with your team through interviews, questionnaires, and a design session. Based on the outcome, we will identify opportunities and challenges related to organizing the work in your company. Next, our experts will provide tailored advice on overcoming obstacles and seizing opportunities. 

What are we going to do?

  • Baseline measurement among employees on how they manage their work.
  • Assessing how the organization works with the sponsor.
  • Analyze how and how efficiently your organization gets the work done.
  • Design session in which Bluehive works with your team to identify and prioritize opportunities and weaknesses in organizing your organization’s workload.
  • Based on the knowledge gathered, we provide a customized recommendation outlining areas for improvement in Work Management. We also indicate the processes and projects that we can optimize using Asana.

After four weeks, you will know how to use Asana to improve the methods of organizing work within your company. Bluehive is happy to help you seize these opportunities and make them your reality.

A well-functioning Asana environment brings unprecedented structure and consistency to a company. At Leapforce, Asana is the beating heart of our organization. This brings us peace of mind and insights, drives our efficiency, and creates a distinct advantage over the competition..

- Witold Rosendaal, director & co-founder bij Leapforce

Discover how Asana can help your organization to work better organized and coordinated!

Through interviews, questionnaires, and a design session, we identify opportunities and challenges for Work Management in your organization. The result is tailored advice on organizing your work better with Asana.
  • Participate with a team, department, or entire organization
  • Participation from 5 to 25 employees
  • Time investment: 6 hours for the Project Owner, 2.5 hours for other participants
  • Special introduction price*: €2000 (normally €2,500)

      This action is valid until March 31, 2023

    Ruud van Delft
    Commercial Director & Co-Owner

    Gain insight into your organization