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Vacancy: (Junior) Workplace Consultant

Work as a (Junior) Workplace Consultant?

Help shape the customer's workplace for successful collaborations. Be our Junior Workplace Consultant.


Are you a student or just entering the job market, ambitious, and looking for a challenging position with responsibilities? Are you someone with incredible drive, passion, and enthusiasm to boost companies to more impact and success? Then we are looking for you!

We are looking for an independent and ambitious go-getter to join our team. As a Workplace Consultant, you are passionate about digital tools and organizing work. Yet advising companies is about a lot more than just that at Bluehive! 

The duties of a Workplace Consultant include the following:

    • You have conversations with (potential) customers and come up with solutions for their challenges.
    • You help companies get ready for the workplace of the future: remote, working from home, automation, more overview, and less stress.
    • You assist companies in becoming more productive, efficient, and digitalized.
    • You manage your own consultancy client portfolio.
    • You analyze customer business processes and map these out.
    • You configure digital tools so clients can make more impact in less time.
    • You will develop and lead workshops, webinars, and training sessions.
    • You train and coach clients to use various tools.
    • You will design, implement and evaluate experiments to improve goal-oriented work.
    • You share best practices you have developed with colleagues and clients.
    • You contribute to improvement projects to grow Bluehive.

What we offer

  • You will become part of a young organization. This means a challenging position with many responsibilities and a steep learning curve.
  • You will learn a lot about digital operations, organizational processes, automation, and much more!
  • An annual budget that you may spend on training and courses.
  • We believe in the Lean Startup method and always try to work in an environment where experimenting, learning, improving, and collaborating are encouraged and supported.
  • Working with clients from various industries.
  • Grow fast in knowledge, skills, and position within a successful, fast-growing startup!
  • Lots of room for your own opinion, input, and improvement initiatives.
  • A one-year contract for 40 hours a week.
  • We are fans of hybrid working: you decide where you work during the week from home, at our office in Amsterdam with our colleagues from Leapforce (a team of young and super fun people), or at one of our co-working places in the Randstad.

The skills and experience we look for in our Workplace Consultant.

  • You have a degree equivalent to a bachelor's or master's in (technical) business administration, marketing, (business) communication, entrepreneurship, or comparable education.
  • You have demonstrable experience or affinity with organizing work.
  • You have an eye for detail and recognize opportunities.
  • You are proactive, analytical, determined, communicative, and a healthy dose of self-confidence.
  • You get energy from terms like digital tools, process optimization, automation, experimentation, data analysis, and coaching.
  • You are available full-time.
  • You preferably have 0-3 years of work experience.
  • You have an affinity for digital tools and apps.
  • You have ‘the Growth’ mindset; personal and professional growth is one of your drivers.


About Bluehive

We help companies make more impact in less time. We create the preconditions for optimal productivity and keep an eye on the latest trends, techniques, and experiments in productivity. Bluehive was founded in late 2021 by three driven entrepreneurs (Ruud, Philip & Witold) who combine a mountain of experience with youthful enthusiasm and ambition.

We believe in innovation and a better working environment for everyone. By using the right tools, companies can create an environment where people can choose where they work and can do so with an overview, efficiency, and minimal stress.

Bluehive is committed to empowering motivated team members so they can create a meaningful impact.

With the right tools, you and your colleagues can make more impact in less time. Because in one glance, you can see which tasks are scheduled for you and your team. Unclear work agreements and unallocated tasks are a thing of the past. Because your mailbox remains clear, you gain insight into the work processes and where things can be done faster or more efficiently.

Discover Work Management. Bluehive selects the right tools for your organization and helps to implement them. We experiment, assess and automate to maximize the efficiency of your organization.

Are you interested? mail to or call at 0031639483456