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More efficiency, balance, and control within your organization?

Bluehive helps to establish clear and organized procedures.



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Is your organization struggling with hybrid working, high workloads, and confusing procedures?

Bluehive helps you make more impact from marketing to HR teams in less time. We make sure you can focus on what's important.

  • All tasks for you and your team at a glance

  • Clear work agreements and responsibilities
  • Insight and improvement into work processes as never before
  • Targeted at work
  • Value optimization for customers


Reduction in internal emails
achieved for customers 




Asana licenses already provided through Bluehive 


We provide various services related to Asana

We provide various services related to Asana

Asana scan

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Instant insights into your Asana environment in terms of: setup, functionalities, data, users, and integration. After this scan, you will know exactly how to take Asana to the next level.
Find out more about our Asana scan

Asana licenses

Asana licenses are linked to your local work management specialist. Enjoy regular check-ins, discounted consulting, and a bi-weekly questions hour.
Find out more about our Asana licenses

Asana implementation

Get the most out of your Asana platform. We implement Asana, provide training and make sure your infrastructure runs perfectly!
Find out more about our Asana implementation

Asana support and training

Already using Asana but want to get more out of the platform? Take advantage of our Asana support and training.
Find out more about our Asana support and training

What our customers have to say

Ron Kraan

50 days per year saved!

For us, the Asana implementation resulted in 55% more tasks and 171% more core activities being captured and manageable in the system. Startselect manages to save 50 days per year through these automations.

Structure and peace

Huge amounts of enthusiasm, structure and peace of mind. That's what the Asana implementation ensures at ICT NML.
Sebastiaan Bake

Integrating anything with Asana

Previously, we were manually copying data from 2Solar to Asana for each approved customer proposal. Bluehive developed a custom API connection for us, eliminating this repetitive task and saving us an hour every day, allowing us to focus on more valuable activities.
Arjan Jonker Linkedin

Why we chose Asana

We chose Asana for different reasons. The biggest reason being the versatility of the tool and the adoption of the tool with our biggest customers like Philips, Rituals and MIele. These customers are used to work with it and with strong project management software.

The Power of Asana at Leapforce

A well-functioning Asana environment brings unprecedented structure and regularity to a company. At Leapforce, Asana is the beating heart of the organisation. This gives us peace of mind and insight, makes us efficient and creates a clear advantage over competitors.

Our approach features four phases


We identify opportunities and obstacles in your organization to coordinate the work. The result is a tailored advice on how to improve your work organization » Read more


We link Asana to existing software of interest in your organization, reducing the need to switch between applications, thus enabling easy convergence of information » Read more


We map out the business processes and set up Asana and any other tools accordingly. We train employees so that they can get to work immediately » Read more



We offer insight into your organization's productivity and provide technical support so that you and your colleagues will get the most out of Asana » Read more

"We decided to partner with Bluehive to get a full health scan to see how we can be using Asana better, Furthermore we also asked them to help us by partnering with our different departments and help us actually improve our functionality, usage and knowledge of the tool as well"
Jeremy Slater, COO, BOB W.
Jeremy Slater

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Whitepaper Hybrid Workplace

Get practical insights and tips to prepare your company for hybrid working in this free white paper for executives.

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Trial period in Asana

Under the guidance of our specialists, try Asana free for 30 days and discover how Work Management helps you get more done in less time.
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