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Transition to hybrid working in nine weeks

In this free nine-part executive email course, you'll get a complete overview, practical insights, and tips to prepare your company for hybrid working.

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Over 50% of companies in the Netherlands do not know how to make the transition to hybrid working

Are you, as a manager struggling with the transition to hybrid working? Not every company has the time, knowledge, and people to figure out how to transition to hybrid working. For nine weeks, we will share free practical insights and tips to prepare your organization for hybrid working.

Did you know... 

  • 60% of employers would like their workforce to work hybrid.
  • 55% of employees indicate to be more productive at home than in the office.
  • One home-office day per week saves an organization an average of € 374 per employee per year. 
  • 70% of employees experience a better work-life balance by working from home. Due to less travel time, different responsibilities can be efficiently combined.

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New tips every week

Receive new weekly tips that you, as a manager or director, can immediately implement.

Specific themes

Learn about key topics related to hybrid working. Topics covered include goal setting, keeping employees engaged, onboarding new employees, and remote leadership.

Case examples

The topics are clearly explained using case examples.

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Receive weekly practical insights and tips in your mailbox on hybrid working and apply them immediately in your organization. During the email course, we give executives useful tools for these eight challenges:
  1. How will hybrid working help your organization?
  2. What does the team do in the office, and what does the team do at home?
  3. How do you keep teams and employees engaged in team and organizational goals?
  4. How do you get responsibilities and deadlines clear?
  5. How do you know what is going on with colleagues and projects?
  6. How do you get employees to work independently?
  7. How do you get new employees up and running faster?
  8. How to lead remotely and ensure a happy and successful team?

Ruud van Delft
Commercial Director & Co-Owner

Sign up for our free email course on hybrid working!